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Event Promotion Options

Cannabis-related events are listed on Chronic Calendar for free. We offer additional ways to promote your event with increased visibility and exposure.

1. Personalize your event listing tile with your own imagery. Please be aware that your information will be atop this image in white text, so please don’t include much information on the background image itself. Chronic Calendar gets final approval on imagery. (FREE)

2. Personalize your event listing link to take curious visitors to either your dedicated event site or a ticket sales site. (FREE)

3. Choose up to two event categories that your event can belong to. (FREE)

4. Add a detail pop-up to your event listing. Offer curious browsers your imagery, your compelling marketing text and event contact details.

5. Add a detail page to your event listing. Offer curious browsers your imagery, a daily schedule, a speaker list, your compelling marketing text and contact details. You may also offer a photo gallery, a location map and videos.

6. Feature your event with countdown (available in short and tall) atop the home page, location page or event category page.

7. Allow customers to register for your event directly on the Chronic Calendar site with payment to be done offline (via phone or at the event).

8. Sell tickets to the event directly from the Chronic Calendar website.

9. Whether simply registering attendees or selling tickets directly, offer visitors a special discount (a percentage off) using coupon codes, all managed within the Chronic Calendar website.

10. Custom-built event group page. Feature multiple events on different dates, even offer multiple videos, all on one landing page experience. You can even point your vanity domain name to this experiential landing page.

Come to us with your ideas. Outside of event promotion, we also have Sponsorship Options to appear on Chronic Calendar or other properties within the Cannabis United digital engagement network.